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Scott Robinson et al. in a dark room

Bassist and composer Charles Mingus is one of the most celebrated and revered figures in American music. Whether at the bass or composing, Mingus' music represents the best of jazz, a deep emotional connection, an infectious rhythmic pulse, and fascinating harmonies and melodies, all with the purpose of exploring the human condition and righting injustices.

After his death in 1979, Charles' widow, Sue, made it her mission to be the steward of her late husband's legacy. Through the production of many records and managing bands dedicated to his music, and through educational initiatives in Mingus' name, Sue ensured that Charles' work would live on through the musicians, listeners, and students of today. In 2008, Jazz Standard began "Mingus Mondays", in which the Mingus bands held court every week and paid tribute to the maestro. From the beginning, Mingus Mondays were one of our most popular nights and included some of the greatest musicians of our day. Its popularity was cemented when a live recording from our stage won the 2010 Grammy award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album, a record produced by our artistic director, Seth Abramson.

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a group of people playing on the Jazz Standard stage

Hearing jazz in the club environment for the first time is an experience few ever forget. Indeed, hearing the music live for the first time versus listening to recordings is such a different experience that some who have not been able to connect with jazz on record or radio have often become converts on hearing it live. The Jazz Standard Discovery Program (JSDP) was created with the intention of bringing school kids from all backgrounds, public and private schools into the club for their live jazz experience.